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Privacy policy

We are committed to properly safeguarding consumers personal information and only using infuriation in a manner that is necessary for servicing or better understanding our customers and potential customers. Our policy to protect the confidentiality of the personally identifiable information that we receive and to limit access to that information only to those with need to know t. this privacy statement addresses our privacy practices including the collection and use of personal information in offline, online and mobile environments. Specific information regarding online and mobile privacy provisions may also be found in this privacy statement. 



We provide you with the opportunity to access, review, modify, and delete your personal information that we process.

In general, when processing the content of communications such as voicemails, faxes, recordings etc. in connection with our Services, we do so per your request for our services. This means that if you believe A Class Moving may have collected or stored personal information about you and you wish to access, review, modify or delete any content of your communications, under applicable law or otherwise, you should direct your request to us and we will process your request

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